WATCH: Watch Lionel Messi’s silky first touch lead to a stellar goal

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Barcelona dispatched Cordoba with ease, cruising 5-0 with a pair from sparkling superstar Lionel Messi as well as one from Luis Suarez.

And while Suarez finally found himself off the mark in La Liga play, it was the final goal of the afternoon that had everyone buzzing.

As the cross from Martin Montoya flew to the back post in stoppage time, the ball appeared to be going over just out of reach. Instead, in typical astonishing Messi fashion, the four-time Ballon d’Or winner stuck his foot out into the air and somehow snatched all the sting out of the cross, dropping it right to his feet.

With the ball under Messi’s spell, instead of hitting for open space across the goal, he struck a low and accurate volley into a pinhole opening between Cordoba goalkeeper Juan Carlos and Messi’s near post.

As always, Ray Hudson put it beautifully, “absolutely bamboozling.”