LVG gives Manchester United a Christmas day off: “I believe in a total human being”


Some teams will mix in some light training on Christmas Day considering the madness that will follow 24 hours later as Boxing Day takes control.

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Louis van Gaal has opted for a full break for his charges ahead of Friday’s match with Newcastle United.

And the Manchester United manager announced the news in a typically word-wonderful way.

Cue the Dutchman.


“I have changed that, I have given them free time and Christmas day with the family,” the boss told MUTV on Friday. “We shall come together the next day here at our Aon Training Complex. Then we will have all of the meetings like we have done all season.

“I believe in a total human being so the environment is also important. I think they are more pleased to be at home with their wives and children. I hope they shall give everything to beat the opponent then.”

It’s no wonder LVG and Jose Mourinho are friends, as both seem incapable of describing any action as the grandest of gestures. Note the have changed that and the “total human being” phrasing.

Sure, some of it may come from English not being van Gaal’s first language, but that doesn’t change how splendidly he describes his actions.

In honor of LVG this Christmas, let’s all dedicate ourselves to becoming total human beings.