Zlatan Ibrahimovic named No. 2 Swedish athlete of all-time; believes he should be Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Calling someone a living legend and adding that that entitles them to be No. 6 on a list, after five versions of yourself, is daring to Zlatan.

Tennis hero Bjorn Borg was recently named the most important Swedish athlete in history, with Paris Saint-Germain attacker Zlatan Ibrahimovic finishing in second.

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Zlatan was asked for this thoughts, and his thoughts were, by nature, extremely Zlatan.

From The Daily Mirror:

He said: “Thank you but to finish second is like finishing last.”

Questioned about who would follow him as the greatest Swedish sports person in history, he continued to make another typically Zlatan remark.

He continued: “On that list I would have been number one, two, three, four and five, with due respect to the others.”

Ibrahimovic did say that Borg is “a cool person and a living legend” and that he respects him a great deal, just not enough to slide into the Top Five with:

1) Goal-scoring Zlatan

2) Chef-firing Zlatan

3) Deer-stalking, child-rearing, ice-swimming Zlatan

4) Poignant, award-accepting Zlatan

5) Somewhat-aphenphosmphobic Zlatan

The “Multiplicity” sequel starring Zlatan alongside Michael Keaton is a project ready to be greenlit. I’d write the script, but we all know Zlatan will be doing that bit.