Rumorville: Does a summer move to AS Roma for Zlatan Ibrahimovic make any sense?


Chew on this one: Multiple Italian outlets are reporting that Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be heading for AS Roma this summer.

The bite has a gamey feel, does it not?

Ibrahimovic, 33, is said to be tired of playing in Paris Saint-Germain and prefers to move back to Italy, where Roma continues its attempts to usurp Juventus as the most powerful club in the country.

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Complicating these rumors, however, are at least two problems. First, Ibrahimovic makes a whole lot of money and doesn’t seem the type to be taking a pay cut. Second, at least one of the reports bases itself around the logic that Zlatan’s never spent more than three seasons at a club, so clearly he’s going to leave PSG.

Roma’s new administration is taking a number of bold, ambitious steps including plans for a brand new stadium. Their hopes are to create a European power that can bring UEFA Champions League glory to the Italian capital. In that sense, the move makes sense regardless of Ibrahimovic’s age. The man is still producing goals and on-field wonderment, and Roma has the backbone to handle his ego.

He’s been as prolific offensively in Ligue 1 and for Sweden as he’s been at any other time in his career, and there’s reason to think he’ll hold up his star status for a few more years. After all, he needs to chase down Bjorn Borg.