Oceania confederation endorses Sepp Blatter for FIFA presidency


Confirming its status as a Clone Trooper army, the Oceania confederation has said it will throw its full backing behind incumbent Sith lord Sepp Blatter as their candidate in the coming FIFA election.

“A resolution unanimously supporting FIFA president Joseph S.Blatter in his bid for re-election was supported by a letter signed by all 11 OFC member associations,” the conference said in a statement surely drafted in a room that I imagine looks something like this.

Blatter thought he was running unopposed, but recently a pair of challengers have arisen, with current vice-president Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan announcing his candidacy recently, and former FIFA executive Jerome Champagne has campaigned very heavily since announcing his candidacy in September.

The Oceania confederation knows something about running unopposed, having just re-elected David Chung of Papua New Guinea (pictured), who ran unopposed. He also gets a spot as FIFA vice-president for his efforts. “We need to be united, transparent and make collective decisions for the good of OFC,” Chung said in the statement.

There has been plenty of talk about the upcoming presidency, as it seems in the public eye many view this election as “anyone but Blatter,” but a campaign against a 5th term for the 78-year-old Swiss is much more difficult than it may appear. So much so, in fact, that Champagne has openly stated during his campaign that “I don’t think there is a lot of difference between me and Mr. Blatter. We have of course some nuances and differences, that is normal.”

Let’s hope for the good of the game that it’s a lot deeper than that. Either way, the first domino has fallen to send the emperor back for a 5th term.