PSG teammate says Zlatan compared himself to Jesus to build team confidence


These stories seem almost mundane, like the insane goals he scores, but they’re still just as savory.

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti told FourFourTwo that Zlatan had a very interesting way of instilling confidence in his side while in the middle of a title race two seasons ago.

His method? Reassuring everyone to trust in Zlatan. And we all know if Zlatan is two things, those things are confident, and confident. Also creative, but mostly confident.

While we all love a good Zlatan story, this one is particularly intriguing, because it conjures up images of the imposing Swede clad in cloth robes and sporting a beastly Biblical beard.

“Before winning the 2012/13 league title, we were getting ready to play against Lyon,” Verratti explained. You have our attention. “Carlo Ancelotti was a bit tense, so Ibra approached him and asked him if he believed in Jesus. Ancelotti said yes, so Ibra told him: ‘Good, so you believe in me. You can relax!'”


“Zlatan is like this – he has a lot of self-confidence,” Verratti said. “This helps him to be a great player.” *nods in agreement*

Stories like this are even becoming mundane to his teammates, who experience Zlatan on a daily basis.

“We are starting to get used to the amazing goals he scores,” Verratti said. “Some of the plays you see him do during a match – they don’t just happen. He works on everything in training. He has a co-ordination and creativity that very few players have. Even Ibra has got us used to his amazing goals!”

At 33 years old, Zlatan may never win a Ballon d’Or (because this is an unjust world) but they should make an award just for him, although that may be difficult since nobody will live up to his standard of awesome. Thank you Marco for entrusting us, the human race, with another coveted Zlatan story. More please.