VIDEO: Liverpool rest Raheem Sterling. Should he be relaxing in Jamaica?


After the busiest spell of the Premier League season, Brendan Rodgers has decided to hand Liverpool’s star winger Raheem Sterling a break.

The 20-year-old England international has jetted off to his homeland of Jamaica, after playing more minutes than any other Liverpool player so far this season. Fair enough.

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Rodgers spoke before Liverpool’s game at Sunderland on Saturday to address why he has given Sterling a rest:

“It was always in the plan after Christmas that we would then give Raheem Sterling a break. There has to be a point you trust other players and give him a recovery period. This is the last game he misses and he will be back in training next week.”

In the video above, our analysts both agree that Sterling should be with his team during a pivotal point of the season rather than sunning himself on the beach in Jamaica.

What do you think?