Report: “10 Premier League clubs” interested in signing Jermain Defoe


According to a report by Sky Sports, there are 10 Premier League clubs interested in signing current Toronto FC forward Jermain Defoe this month.

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That’s half of the world’s richest professional soccer league. (Begin sarcasm/facetious UK media perception of MLS) What could that many teams possibly want with a lowly, washed-up, overpaid MLS player? (End sarcasm/facetious UK media perception of MLS) No, Harry Redknapp, you can’t sign Defoe again, for the fourth time. He can’t play for every club you manage. Besides, you’re probably on your way out of the QPR job soon anyway.

Anyway, Defoe is 32 years old, reportedly on his way out of Toronto and aching badly for a move back home. So far, Hull City, Leicester City, West Ham United and — you guessed it — QPR have been linked with the wantaway Englishman.

Citing the ever-reliable “Sky sources,” the British broadcasting giant has linked — albeit, anonymously — another 30 percent of Premier League clubs with a move for Defoe, who is reportedly available for anywhere between $3 million and $8 million, depending on whose reporting you trust.

Essentially, if you were to throw a dart at the current Premier League standings, you’ve got a one-in-two chance of hitting a club interested in signing Defoe. (We’re guessing, though, that those odds go way, way up the lower you aim.)

Only 19 days remind in January; can Defoe successfully complete transfers to all 10 Premier League teams? Only time will tell.