Cristiano Ronaldo after defeat to Atletico: They “don’t play attractive football”

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Fernando Torres scored a brace, with a goal in the first minute of each half, and Atletico Madrid knocked Real Madrid out of the Copa del Rey with a 2-2 score, completing a 4-2 aggregate.

Following the match, a grumpy Cristiano Ronaldo was in a standoffish mood, and wasn’t going to anoint Atletico king of Spain just yet, and took a bit of a shot at how enjoyable they are to watch.

“Atléti don’t play attractive football,” the Ballon d’Or winner said. “They are very defensive. They wait for dead-balls, but it works well for them. Their coach and players should be respected.”

That’s not a scathing blow by any means, but more just a comment on their style of play. And while it isn’t exactly wrong of an assessment, it’s clear Cristiano is aware of the frustrations today’s opponent were aiming at the Real Madrid star.

He also wanted to calm the masses, with some possibly (and stupidly) concerned that Ronaldo isn’t at his best, despite yet another goal, his 27th in 17 games. “Goals aren’t everything and players can’t always be at their best,” Ronaldo proclaimed. “I’m sorry if you can tell me a player who always is. I’m not from another planet. Maybe I’m not in perfect condition, but I will be. The knee issue is in the past, I’m used to playing with pain. In two or three weeks I’ll be fine and so will the team.”

So is Ronaldo hurt? It certainly sounds like he’s not 100% healthy. If this isn’t Ronaldo healthy…I don’t know if the world is ready for when he is.

The star 29-year-old also wanted to ease the pain of his team’s exit from the Copa del Rey in just the Round of 16, after winning the trophy last year. “It’s not to take anything away from it, but the Liga and the Champions League are more important,” Ronaldo said. “We want to win, but we can take something positive from defeats. It helps us concentrate. Sometimes it’s better to take two steps back to take one forward.”

I’m not sure that’s how that phrase works…but ok Cristiano. We know what you mean.

While nothing Ronaldo said was wrong or factually incorrect, it’s obvious he wasn’t in the best of moods after falling to his Madrid rivals, an understandable emotion following such an event.