Marco Reus to Real Madrid rumors picking up steam


I’m not exactly sure how Real Madrid could get much more clogged in the attacking third of the pitch, but apparently they’re trying really hard.

Despite owning one of the world’s most insanely star-studded front halves, Real Madrid is heavily rumored to be closing in on Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus.

This rumor doesn’t make a lot of sense for a host of reasons. First, the aforementioned logjam. Real Madrid has Cristiano Ronaldo, who needs no introduction. They also have Gareth Bale, who, while maybe not living up to his insanely high transfer value, is coming close to doing so by providing Madrid a wonderful understudy to Ronaldo. He has shown a world-class ability to  deliver beautifully constructed set-pieces and also display pace and technical ability while sending all the limelight Ronaldo’s way.

Add in James Rodriguez, a blossoming Isco, passing magician Toni Kroos, and Luka Modric, and there truly is no place for Marco Reus without a counter move, which seems a little like fixing something that ain’t broke.

Another reason this is a bit odd of a transfer is that Borussia Dortmund need Marco Reus like Lois Lane needs her Clark Kent. With the Champions League club shockingly in last place in the Bundesliga table, Reus seems like the only one who can save them from an otherwise sealed 2.Bundesliga fate. There’s literally zero reasons why Dortmund would sell the 25-year-old star, with even money not likely to tempt them at this point.

But just because a transfer doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

According to an ESPN report, the key to this entire scenario may be a release clause in Reus’s contract. Reportedly set at approximately $38 million, it’s a mouth-watering figure for teams to come and get the German attacker. The report states the club has attempted to buy the release clause out of his contract, but so far has proven unsuccessful in its attempts, suggesting his mind may be elsewhere.

Other reports dotting the landscape have mentioned that Reus is taking Spanish lessons, and some even claim that he’s signed a deal already, but at this point those seem premature or at the very least, unsupported.

With Reus back in training following his ankle ligament tear that has kept him out since late November, he is ready to return to the field soon. What remains to be seen is, with Dortmund falling off the roof and headed for the ground at terminal velocity, if he’ll swoop in and save the day, or leave his hometown club to splatter on the hard pavement below.