Brendan Rodgers on Liverpool’s quiet resurgence: ‘We’re starting to return to the flow in our game’


Liverpool has found themselves regaining form after an undesirable beginning of the 2014-15 campaign, as the Reds are now enjoying a six-game unbeaten run in all competitions.

One of the issues surrounding the weak displays from Brendan Rodgers’ side was the amount and significance of injuries to the squad.

Daniel Sturridge served as the best attacker alongside Luis Suarez last year, and Liverpool have missed him on gameday for several months now due to a thigh injury.

Other footballers, such as Raheem Sterling and Glen Johnson, have fallen victim to poor health, but Rodgers has seen reassuring developments from those who’ve been stuck to the sideline.

“Raheem’s back in the squad, which is good new,” the Liverpool manager said. “He’s refreshed and ready to work. Glen Johnson’s been back training, so we’ll see how he is in terms of being available..We’ve been monitoring the likes of Steven [Gerrard] and Adam Lallana.”

As for the status of Steven Gerrard possibly coming back to Anfield on loan, Rodgers didn’t have much insight to offer that would feed the speculation.

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“I’ve got nothing more to say on the situation,” he said. “Steven is still very much at the club, so I don’t want to speculate on when he leaves in the summer. He’s injured at the moment.”

Liverpool has three games left in the month of January, including a FA Cup Fourth Round match vs. Bolton, and Rodgers is trilled for the upcoming slate of matches, since his team has proven their worth as of late.

“It’s an exciting test. I’ve been very enthused by the team over the course of the last six, seven weeks. We’re starting to return to the flow in our game..And that’s getting us positive results.”