Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is buying a New York City block to build his own mansion


Roman Abramovich is a very rich man. We’re all quite aware of the Chelsea Football Club owner’s deep pockets as, year after year, the Russian billionaire splashes the cash for some of the world’s best, most expensive players.

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So, if I was to tell you that Abramovich was buying up an entire city block in New York City for a reported $30 million in order to build one his own mansion, you’d hardly flinch and probably simply say, “Yeah, I believe that.”

“Yeah, I believe that.” That’s you responding to me telling you that that’s exactly what Abramovich is in the process of doing. Let me run that back again for you: The 48-year-old loves the Big Apple so much he’s decided to buy an entire city block to build him and his girlfriend, Dasha Zhukova, one place of living.

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In fact, the first of many land purchases, a 9,500-square-foot townhouse on the Upper East Side, was completed in October 2014 for a cool $29.7 million, according to the New York Post. In December, he purchased the propery two doors down for $18.3 million. The building in between those two will reportedly set Abromovich back a cool $20 million.

Hey, when you’re worth an estimated $9.3 billion, you have to spend some of that money on something, so this seems like a pretty solid plan to spend roughly 0.6 percent of that vast wealth. Now, what to do with that other 99.4 percent…