VIDEO: Eternal friend of the press, Harry Redknapp, slams “silly” newspaper reporters, sources


Harry Redknapp and the British press are having a bit of a lover’s quarrel, as the Queens Park Rangers manager’s comments following a 2-0 home loss to Manchester United seemed to suggest (below emphasis my own).

“The problem is, you saw one silly newspaper reporter who writes a story in the paper, and suddenly that’s gospel. ‘I’ve got to win today,'” Redknapp said mockingly of his now-estranged, former best friend for life (BF4L). “When I spoke to [QPR chairman] Tony Fernandes this week, he never said that to me. So, someone somewhere is trying to mix it here. I’ve never been anywhere quite like here, really, where everything ends up in the newspapers. It’s very strange. Suddenly anything that goes on, someone’s obviously getting a few quid and ringing up a newspaper, but whatever. Good luck to them, but it’s just a load of nonsense in my opinion.”

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Has any manager in the world ever been a more notorious pal of the local press than Redknapp throughout his entire managerial career? Let me take you back to a time long, long ago — February 2012, to be exact — when Fabio Capello resigned as England manager. For weeks and months — during a court case for tax evasion, remember — the British press touted Redknapp, their BF4L, as the next man for the country’s biggest job.

This was, of course, founded upon nothing other than (likely) info fed to those “silly newspaper reporters” by Redknapp, who publicly declared himself “flattered” at being “linked” with the job. Redknapp completely forgot about Tottenham Hotspur, the club he was still employed to manage at the time, as they slipped from third place for most of the season, to fourth, and missed out on Champions League qualification once again as sixth-placed Chelsea won the continental competition that year, thus booking England’s fourth UCL spot the following season.

Forget the England shenanigans, all the out-the-car-window love-ins interviews and never answering for having financially run multiple clubs into the ground with irresponsible spending — Harry Redknapp thinks the British press is silly and mean and he hates them, because they treated him like every one of his managerial colleagues for once.

Dear Mr. Redknapp,
You are a special, special kind of hypocrite indeed. Good luck to you.
With much disdain,
Spurs fans everywhere