Argentinian club friendly marred by horrifying tackle

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The opening half-hour of a friendly in Buenos Aires was an eventful one as defending champions Racing Club torched Boca Juniors 4-1 in a high-profile friendly during the offseason of the Argentinian club season.

Three of the five goals came in the first 30 minutes, as did a pair of red cards for Boca Juniors, the second of which came for one of the most disgusting tackles you’ll ever see (video above).

22-year-old right-back Leandro Marin ripped down Ricardo Centurion (amazing name) from behind with a two-footed lunge that the referee couldn’t get his red card out fast enough for. There’s often plenty of animosity between the sides when two high-profile clubs face off in Argentina, but this kind of play is uncalled for at any stage, let alone a friendly. Surprisingly, it’s Marin’s first red card at the professional level.

The Argentinian season is set to begin in mid-February, but it seems like the intensity is already in mid-season form.

These two clubs are headed in opposite directions. Racing Club went unbeaten in its final nine matches of the 19-game season (eight wins) to earn the top spot, while league giants Boca Juniors won just two of its last six to fall to fifth in the table, while also tasting defeat in the Copa Sudamericana semifinals to league rivals River Plate.