Jose Mourinho already wants to sign Steven Gerrard on loan in 2016 (maybe)


Jose Mourinho — man, is that guy a hoot or what?

On the heels of weeks of critical comments regarding Manchester City’s acquisition of legendary Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard — Mourinho felt Man City had skirted Financial Fair Play rules by signing Lampard to New York City FC, MCFC’s sister MLS club and “loaning” the player off to Man City — Mourinho is already (jokingly?) plotting his conniving response to be played out 12 months from now.

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Following his Chelsea side’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool in the first leg of the League Cup semifinals, Mourinho was asked about the impact of the Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard’s impending departure from English football as he joins the LA Galaxy this summer.

“I would love the Premier League to keep the best players and I believe he has the quality to play for more years,” Mourinho responded.

When asked if he himself would try to persuade Gerrard, who he tried to sign in 2005, to stay in the Premier League, Mourinho responded, “Or perhaps to take him on loan?” before breaking into maniacal laughter.

It’s the perfect Mourinho response, because there’s no way he can ever be fined for what he’s said, but at the same time, his point of “If Man City can do it, then so can I” came across loud and clear.