Sepp Blatter keeps talking trash at UEFA regarding FIFA election


FIFA president Sepp Blatter is staying brazen in his approach to keep his title beyond this summer’s election.

The man who said “Go out and fight, then you will see” regarding his election prowess issued another run of trash talk this weekend in Zurich.

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The 78-year-old Swiss man — who’s also an honorary citizen of East Timor, Bangkok and Guatemala City amongst other locations — basically called his opponents cowards.

From Sky Sports:

But Blatter told CNN on Sunday: “All this opposition is coming now. It’s unfortunate – but it’s true – to say that it’s coming from UEFA.

“All those who want to get rid of me should come but they don’t have the courage to come. So let me go on – be respectful.

“Football is a team sport. Let’s go together with the team. I invite the leaders of UEFA that are so bitterly attacking me: Join! Join! Football is a unity.”

Sepp Blatter: Kind of like “The Godfather”. But let’s be clear, we’re talking “The Godfather: Part III”.