Real Madrid reveals FIFA investigating 51 of its youth transfers

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After news broke on Monday that Real Madrid were under investigation by FIFA, the reigning European champions have released a statement confirming that their youth transfer policy is being probed.

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In a detailed release the Spanish giants say they have “responded diligently” to all of the requests from FIFA and will continue to do so.

Real Madrid claim that most of the players FIFA want information on are exempt from regulations. But after their arch rivals Barcelona were handed a transfer ban for the whole of 2015 due to irregularities involving non-EU players under the age of 18, world’s soccer governing body is cracking down on the globe’s biggest teams as they continue to investigate how youngsters from around the world are recruited.

The main area being investigated is Article 14, which states that a youth player under the age of 18 cannot be signed unless they meet the following criteria:

  • The parents of the player are moving to the country for non-soccer reasons
  • The player is from the EU
  • The player lives within 100km of the club they sign for

You can read Real’s strong statement in full here, as plenty more clubs will be making checks that they have compiled with FIFA’s regulations when signing on youngsters.

After Barcelona were handed that hefty transfer ban, FIFA proved they aren’t messing around when it comes to regulations regarding youth team players.