Roy Keane’s road rage episode undergoes police investigation


Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane allegedly was involved in a road rage incident that has spurred the attention of police investigators.

Keane verbally attacked a taxi driver in the center of Altrincham, an affluent commute town located in Greater Manchester.

A police spokesman from the area had this to say about the affair: “At 11.30am, police were called to Ashley Road, Altrincham, to a report that a man had behaved aggressively towards another man.

“An investigation is under way to establish the exact circumstances surrounding the incident.”

The victim of the supposed tirade from the current Ireland assistant manager was 44-year-old Fateh Kerar, who said he merely told Keane to ‘smile’ before the ex-footballer launched into a cursing diatribe that left Kerar ‘shaking an terrified’, via The Telegraph.

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The driver said that he pointed out that Keane, a famous name around those parts considering he lives in the nearby village of, and the 43-year-old seemed irritated.

Then, Kerar and Hothan Isman recalled that Keane aggressively staring them down before stopping his car near stoplights and openly yelling derogatory remarks.

But he wasn’t done quite yet, fuming yet again hours later.

From the Manchester Evening News:

When the MEN’s sister paper The Mirror sent a reporter to Keane’s home in Bowdonto ask about the incident, he answered: “What are you talking about?”

He added: “What are you saying? Believe what you want. I can tell what you want from me, you just want a quote.

“Now get the f*** away from me. Get the f*** away from me, now.”

The once great midfielder has been involved in a fair share of controversial moments, most recently when he was accused of punching a fan outside of a hotel back in November.