Worst “tackle” of the week: Boot to the face only worth a yellow in Scotland


We’re almost 100 percent certain that no matter how hard you search, you’ll not find a “tackle” worse than the made by Livingston FC defender Jason Talbot on Hearts midfielder Sam Nicholson (photos below).

And yes, we use the word “tackle” extremely loosely in this instance, as it has a much friendlier connotation to it than “I’m going to make that guy lick the dirt off the bottom of my boots.”

Nicholson was substituted out of the game following the incident, and once you see the damage done, you’ll understand why.

OK, now that is pretty bad, but I wonder what Nicholson’s face looked like after the game.

If that’s a yellow in Scotland these days, I do not want to see the type of assault that constitutes a sending off. Ever.