Pearson after defiant loss to Arsenal: “Don’t know if this keeps me off the back pages” (video)


Leicester City nearly fought back to snare a point against Arsenal, but nearly’s not going to do too much for a club rooted to the bottom of the table.

And embattled manager Nigel Pearson may’ve survived the Sunday reports of his firing, but the defiant manager can’t be too comfortable in his seat.

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Or is he? When asked if he thought he’d be sacked on Sunday, Pearson said, “I think I have answered enough questions on that subject and I think I’m more than within my rights to move on from that situation now.”

He may have, but his comments before that question were loaded with plenty of preface to the clearly oncoming query.

From the BBC:

“We’ve played very well again and I could argue we created a lot of chances but as I said, I don’t want to talk in terms of us being unlucky. I want us to learn from performances like tonight and make sure from here on in if we replicate that sort of performance we still have a good chance of avoiding relegation.

“It’s all well and good talking about performances. It’s alright looking on the bright side of life but ultimately it’s about winning games and we continue to be under scrutiny because of the position we are in.

“What pleases me is these players never hide and are not afraid to shoulder responsibility.

“I don’t know if this keeps me off the back pages. I’m not an editor of a newspaper. My relationship with the owners remains very good. Professionally and on a personal level. He is our boss and I’m very pleased to be his manager. We have to work as hard a we can to alter our performances at this moment.”

It can’t be an easy situation for the Leicester boss right now, who is clearly feeling the stress after acting out and holding James McArthur down by the neck. Although he’s tough as nails, and plenty defiant, how much longer can Leicester hope he’s the man to save their Premier League status?