Pearson escapes FA charges, confusion remains at Leicester

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Nigel Pearson will not be charged by the FA for his strange run-in with Crystal Palace’s James McArthur last match.

After McArthur crashed into the manager after going for a tackle, the Foxes boss seemingly placed his hands on the midfielders throat, before grabbing a chunk of jersey and refusing to let go.

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Today, the FA has chosen not to charge Pearson for the altercation, but has reportedly warned the manager and reminded him of his responsibilities.

It was a bizarre incident, and the next morning reports started flying that Pearson had been relieved of his duties as manager.

However, hours later, the club released a statement denying any reports and confirming Pearson’s status at the club.

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It is surprising that Pearson escaped the incident with no charges, especially considering he was fined and suspended earlier this season for getting into a verbal altercation with a fan. This time, there were more than just words said, which many believed would lead to sanctions from the FA.

McArthur has come out and said that Pearson told him it “was only a joke,” which could have aided in the lack of action taken by the FA. However, looking back at the incident, Pearson seems quite serious, and McArthur admitted he was a bit scared when everything started going down.

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For now, Nigel Pearson is the manager of Leicester City Football Club. He refuses to elaborate on much besides football, which angers many fans and media, and he has been quite a distraction for the club. The straws on the camel’s back are building, but it hasn’t quite broken yet.