Andrea Pirlo rules out retirement this summer, everyone rejoices


Despite nearly retiring after the 2014 World Cup, Andrea Pirlo – at 35 years old – isn’t going anywhere. And you should throw a party.

“Of course, there’s enough Pirlo to go for a while,” the midfielder told Spanish newspaper ABC. “I still have a few years of football ahead.”

THERE’S ENOUGH PIRLO TO GO FOR A WHILE. I’m sure that may not be exactly his words leaving room for translation, but oh my goodness what a way to tell people you’re not retiring. What a quote.

“I still love this sport the way I did when I was 15-years-old; when I wake up one day and that’s no longer the case, I’ll retire.”

We love you too Andrea.

And he’ll be here until at least the end of next year, allowing him to play in the Euro in France next season. “Antonio Conte called me and asked me if I would be willing to lend my country a hand for Euro 2016, he convinced me,” Pirlo said. Conte also convinced him to not retire after the World Cup.

The legendary Juventus midfielder has an 89% passing rate this season and has created 28 chances in 14 matches, according to Squawka statistics.

The long interview also provided some insight into how Pirlo nearly called it quits in 2006 after losing the Champions League final to Liverpool in their legendary comeback. “There are things you just can’t fight against,” Pirlo said. “After that game I felt like quitting football. Fortunately, two years later this blessed sport returned to us in Athens what was taken from us in Istanbul. Winning my second Champions League was special.” Fortunately. Very fortunately.