Mourinho claims five players played injured vs PSG: “We felt that a little” (video)


Jose Mourinho was happy with his side’s 1-1 draw against Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League’s Round of 16, mostly because he was using an injured side.

Mourinho claimed five of his men played injured in the 1-1 draw at the Parc Des Princes and has not trained since its last Premier League match, and that he only put them on the pitch on Monday for the press to see.

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He also praised PSG’s attacking flair, and was asked whether they got away with one:

“When you see the performance of our goalkeeper, you have to say, ‘Yes’, because our goalkeeper made two or three important saves in the game. But sometimes people speak about the players when they are injured and they don’t play. But there are injured players that play and they don’t train to play. I had in this team five players since the game against Everton that didn’t train once. Yesterday they had like a warming down and also for the press to see they were on the pitch. We felt that a little.”

PSG were also missing some players with injury and played Caen on the weekend while Chelsea was idle, so there’s a bit of debate to be had over who had it worse, but Mourinho wasn’t claiming PSG was in a better spot… just that he couldn’t use the side would’ve preferred to utilize.

That said, the road goal will look just fine looming in PSG’s minds until March 11’s second leg is over.