“Nonsense”: Roy Keane and Paul Scholes poo-poo Mourinho’s claim that Chelsea is a “great team”


When it comes to the rivalry between Manchester United and Chelsea, retirement doesn’t always ease the hatred.

And both Roy Keane’s and Paul Scholes’ work in the media may not exactly be adjudged to be unbiased, but we’ll leave that to you.

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho called his club a “great team” before Tuesday’s match against Paris Saint-Germain, and TV pundits Keane and Scholes were unimpressed by his adjective choice.

From The Daily Mail:

(Keane) said: ‘I think they have the potential to be a great team. He’s clearly a great manager but they’ve got to back it up with some trophies.

‘To say they’re a great team at the moment is nonsense.’

‘Over four or five years you have to win trophies every year,’ said Scholes. ‘It’s a bit early to say they’re a great team.’

Fair to say that Scholes and Keane are holding other clubs to their own lofty standards (and in Keane’s case a seemingly bygone era). With the money spent by Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City, it’s hard to imagine the days of a great team being judged by three-peats and four-peats are coming back any time soon.

The “great team” debate sounds a bit like the sports dynasty discussion in the United States. Do you need to win one championship, multiple championships, or just be consistently victorious? It really doesn’t matter, but looks like we bought into the hype enough, too.