Black man pushed by Chelsea fans on Paris Metro calls for punishment

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After the shocking video above has been shown across the globe, the man who was pushed off a Paris Metro train by Chelsea fans and had alleged racist chants hurled his way has spoken out.

He wants those responsible to be punished for their actions.

In an interview with Le Parisien newspaper in France, the man was simply identified as Souleymane S. and he called for the group of men who pushed him off the train, then chanted at him to be “found, punished and locked up.”

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Souleymane does not speak English and therefore could not fully understand what was being sung in his direction. However in the interview with Le Parisien he revealed that he had lost his cell phone in the scuffle and had told nobody about the incident.

Here are more details from the AP, as the group of so-called Chelsea fans have been condemned by the club, FIFA president Sepp Blatter, UEFA and the English FA but so far nobody has been arrested despite a police investigation being launched by both the French and English authorities.

“They were saying things to me in English and I didn’t really understand the meaning of the words. I understood that it had to do with Chelsea fans and made the link with the PSG match that was happening that night. I also clearly understood that they were hassling me because of the color of my skin,” Souleymane S. said.

In a video posted by the Guardian newspaper, the man pushes back and says in French “Can I get on or what?” before again being shoved away.

“Not a single person came to my defense but, in any event, what could they have done?” he said. “I went home without talking about this to anybody, neither my wife nor my children. … What would I say to my children? That daddy got shoved in the metro because he is black?”