Agent: Manchester City wouldn’t sell Yaya Toure for $350 million

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When Yaya Toure left Manchester City to represent Ivory Coast in the Africa Cup of Nations, the defending Premier League champions struggled.

City only managed to win one of its five matches without Toure in the lineup, losing twice and drawing the other two. In those five games, City scored six goals total.

In Yaya’s return to the lineup, Manchester City dominated Newcastle United for a 5-0 win.

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Today, Yaya’s number one supporter, his agent Dimitri Seluk, has said that the midfielder would like to retire at City and that the club’s owner Sheikh Mansour would never sell his prized midfielder.

From The Mirror:

Sheikh Mansour wouldn’t sell Yaya – not even for £250 million ($385 million).

He is their most important player – as their results when he was at the African Cup of Nations proved.

The only game they won was at Stoke – and before that their last win in the Premier League without Yaya was in April last year.

Seluk added: “City have some great players. But Aguero scores goals because of Yaya and Silva plays well when he has Yaya. He organizes the entire team and gives them control of games.

Even if Pellegrini wanted to sell Yaya, the Sheikh and Khaldoon (Al Mubarak, City’s chairman) would not allow it.

Barcelona have Messi and Madrid have Ronaldo. Manchester City have Yaya Toure.”

While Seluk has an agenda and is trying to put his client in the best light possible, you can’t fight the facts that City struggle to find results without Yaya in the lineup.

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Yaya Toure has been massive for City, as seen through the two Premier League trophies to go with FA Cup and League Cup titles. But does he really have the importance of the likes of Messi and Ronaldo at Barca and Mardid?

Seluk surely does think so, and right now, City supporters probably do too.