Men In Blazers Show: Harry Potter edition


It was a Harry Potter-filled show tonight, but obviously much less cool. Joining the show was Jason Isaacs, also known as Lucius Malfoy, to discuss his Liverpool fanhood as well as his new show.  It’s Isaac’s fault they have fallen from grace from their glory days in the 70’s and 80’s, because he moved from London.

They ask Jason what he thinks of a certain Harry Potter villain lookalike in the Premier League.

Also, Roger’s tie is so Gryffindor.

In actual soccers, the Men in Blazers break down Chelsea vs Burnley. They play Bingo with Jose Mourinho, and run through all his Bingo cards. Also there’s a wrestling highlight reel.

Joey Barton is an enigma. He’s a controversial person. But according to Rog and Davo, he’s just misunderstood. So when he got sent off this weekend for a very personal attack, the pair tried to defend him. They didn’t do well. Also, Tim Sherwood has a roller coaster ride and we capture it.

More soccers! Rog and Davo run through all the action from Round 26.