Parma can’t afford hot water in the dressing rooms


If three wins through 23 matches wasn’t bad enough, imagine having to pay players while being in over $200 million of debt.

That’s what’s going on at Italian side Parma, as the club is in complete disarray and on the verge of collapse.

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The club’s last match against Udinese had to be postponed reportedly because they can not afford to pay the stewards at the stadium, and Parma has no hot water in the player’s showers.

Parma, which hasn’t paid some employees since July, was already docked a point in the Serie A standings earlier this season for failing to pay player wages. The club currently sits dead last on the table with ten points through 23 matches, and are slated to be docked another five points for the ongoing financial woes.

The two-time UEFA Cup winners are now in a dire situation, as all of the club’s remaining fixtures will be marked as 3-0 losses should Parma declare bankruptcy. The club would then be disbanded and forced to start over with a new name and new owners.

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It has been a tumultuous season for Parma, as Tomasso Ghirardi was forced to sell the club for $1 in December due to the massive debts. However, the Russian-Cypriot group that bought the club quickly got themselves out of the mess, selling the club again earlier this month, for $1.

Serie A side Sampdoria offered to pay for Parma’s youth team expenses for their upcoming match, hoping not to punish the kids in the academy for the disaster going on in the club’s front office.