Premier League exec: Top leagues “let down” by winter World Cup

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Although the date change is not yet official, people are already getting called out over a possible winter World Cup.

Chief executive of the Premier League Richard Scudamore has scolded FIFA and UEFA for their plans to move the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to the winter, which would cause a massive disruption in the play of Europe’s domestic leagues.

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Scudamore spoke after attending a meeting in Doha to discuss a possible date change, where he said executives were “pretty much told” that the tournament would be moved to the winter.

Yes, very disappointed that’s the word, on behalf of all the European leagues and particularly the European clubs who provide most of the players for this World Cup.

The idea that we turned up today, it was a pretty short meeting, to be told that it is going to happen in November and December is very disappointing.

We had a consistent position all along and for the integrity of the Football League to have to stop for six or seven weeks is less than ideal.

FIFA keep their international dates, they keep their World Cup intact, even UEFA, who, I think, let us down a little bit, clearly pushed this… so their Champions League can start and carry on again, just like it always does.”

Although the date change has not officially been approved, a move to November/December is all but done for the 2022 World Cup. While some leagues will reportedly seek compensation for the money lost due to shutting down play for a prolonged period of time, Scudamore said he will leave that issue for others to handle.

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FA Chairman Greg Dyke called the move to winter “the best of the bad options” and called the disruption “unnecessary because we would not be doing this if FIFA had done their work properly.”

We still have seven years until the World Cup in Qatar, so there’s plenty of time for Europe’s top leagues to alter their schedules, because it looks like the tournament is going to kick off on November 19, no matter how angry executives get.