Greek government suspends domestic leagues after violence ruins Athens derby


The Greek government has indefinitely suspended the country’s top three divisions of professional soccer after fan violence once again ruined a Superleague game over the weekend.

Panathinaikos’s 2-1 victory over Olympiacos was marred by fans who threw flares, rocks and bottles at officials on Sunday. This is the third time this season that the Superleague, Greece’s first-division league, has been suspended due to fan violence.

A newly-elected ruling party, radical left-wing coalition Syriza, made the decision to once again suspend the sport on Wednesday following a board meeting on Tuesday which ended in a brawl between Panathinaikos and Olympiacos club officials.

From the BBC:

“What we have been informed is that the Super League and the Football League have been suspended indefinitely,” Super League president Giorgos Borovilos told reporters.

“We have a new government who are looking to bring this subject up for discussion and implement state laws related to it.”