Bas Dost, with two more goals today, is eating the Bundesliga alive

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Bas Dost has two more goals today. And that’s not even the half of it.

Wolfsburg came back from a 1-goal deficit three different times, and the pair of goals from the 25-year-old Dutch striker provided the first lead that Die Wolfe never relented.

They are Dost’s 12th and 13th goals of the season, in 12 appearances. He has eight goals in his last three Bundesliga games, nine in his last four, and 11 in six. Throw in all competitions, and Dost has 11 goals in his last six games. And the numbers back up the mind-blowing goals tally.

Dost has more goals in the 2015 calendar year than Cristiano Ronaldo, Arjen Robben, and every Bundesliga team but two (Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund). Over his last seven Bundesliga matches, Dost has registered a stellar 82% shot accuracy, missing just three times in 17, and only has one blocked shot during that span. And most recently, Dost has scored nine goals on his last 10 shots!

For you stats nerds, this note about Dost’s expected goals to actual goals ratio is particularly eye-popping:

With Alexandre Lacazette’s goal storm brought to a screeching halt by injury, Dost is without a doubt the most in-form goalscorer in European soccer at the moment. As a result, Wolfsburg hasn’t lost since November 27 – a game in which Dost did not play – and has won five of its last six league games. Across all competitions, Dost has 18 appearances this season, and Wolfsburg has won 14 and drawn four – yes, that means no losses.

Obviously this ridiculous pace isn’t sustainable, but his form certainly is. With Andre Schurrle and a red-hot Kevin de Bruyne feeding him chances, it doesn’t look like anything aside from injury or suspension can stop the 25-year-old. Great news for Wolfsburg. Great news for the Bunesdliga.