After touchline spat and water bucket destruction, Bruce and Poyet both bring humor

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Steve Bruce provided a world-class set of quips when asked about his dustup with opposing manager Gus Poyet in Hull City’s 1-1 home draw with Sunderland on Tuesday.

And just like in the game, Poyet put up a good fight in the “best quote” battle.

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The pair of managers had to be separated on the touchline after Poyet angrily approached Bruce, who had been loudly criticizing a dive from Sunderland’s Jack Rodwell. On his way back to his box, Poyet kicked over a water bucket.

From Bruce:

“The big contentious issue is Jack Rodwell running through and then from where I was standing he dived and the referee called it right. From Gus’s reaction he thought it was wrong. You have to ask him why he came over to myself. I don’t know what I was supposed to have done.

“These things happen in the heat of the moment. Grown men acting like a couple of children. They happen in big games. I don’t mind being accused. I suppose I’m not flavour of the month. Let’s go and have a glass of red.”

Poyet said, “I’m going to have to convince officials to remove any buckets or bottles away from me. I think it’s better to kick a bucket than to say something that you will regret after.”

Watch Poyet’s full thoughts here: