MLS, union come together to avoid calamitous work stoppage


Neither side seems happy about it, and it’s reportedly far from unanimous, but Major League Soccer’s owners and players have apparently found a workable collective bargaining agreement that stops the 20-year-old league from a cringeworthy work stoppage.

Simon Evans quotes Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Nick Rimando as saying, “The deal is done”, and our own Joe Prince-Wright has knowledge that the season will start on time.

Clearly my open letter last night did the trick. You’re all welcome.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting several key details:

According to a source with direct knowledge of the deal, the new CBA is a five-year deal that creates free agency for players 28 years of age or older with at least eight years experience. According to that source, the free agency is capped depending on salary.

Players who are making under $100,000 have a cap of a 125-percent increase of their salary, players making between $100-200,000 have a cap of 120-percent and players making more than $200,000 have a cap of 115-percent.

In addition, the new CBA includes a minimum salary of $60,000, though that number will increase incrementally per year. The source said there was also an increase in the overall salary cap, though the source could not immediately provide that number.


Check back all night as we’ll get you any and all important details as they arrive, but it appears we’ll be watching soccer on Friday. Huzzah.