Brazilian legend Ronaldo dismisses “nonsense” rumors (that he started) of comeback in NASL


Ronaldo (the Fenomeno one) has made it clear, rubbishing rumors to the contrary, that he will not be making a comeback attempt with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, the North American Soccer League (NASL) team of which he recently became a minority owner.

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The “rumor” — we’ll get to “why the quotes” in a second — had been going around for a number of weeks now, but the Brazilian dismissed the idea earlier this week, calling the whole thing “nonsense.”

From Reuters:

“There’s a story going round that I am making a comeback, there’s even a hashtag #RonaldoVoltou,” Ronaldo said on Twitter, citing the Portuguese words for RonaldoReturns. “I know nothing about it.”

“This story about #RonaldoVoltou is just nonsense from the Twitter crowd,”

Hey, guys, nobody tell Ronaldo that the “nonsense” actually comes from his own mouth, when he said last month, “It’s going to happen. I have already said so. But it’s going to be a bit later, in the play-offs. For now, we are organizing it all, but I am going to have a [weight] goal.”

Ronaldo, it was eight days ago that you said this. Come in from that hot South Florida sun already, it’s starting to make you sound crazy.

Regardless, it’s probably definitely best that Ronaldo doesn’t try to make a comeback at age 38, four years removed from his last game. Too many of the game’s legends hold on for too long and do themselves a disservice by tarnishing an otherwise pristine legacy, which Ronaldo unquestionably possesses.