Who is the most underrated player in MLS? MLS stars weigh in, but who’s your pick?


Have a quick watch of the above video from MLSsoccer.com, in which a number of Major League Soccer stars name the player they think is most underrated in MLS, and let’s have a conversation about underrated players and who deserves some love.

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There’s shouts for Will Johnson, Chris Rolfe and Scott Caldwell, among others, from some of the guys in the league. Caldwell is definitely an underrated guy, as he’s the one that allows Jermaine Jones to do Jermaine Jones-like things. Johnson has been a stellar player for years now, but gets plenty of recognition.

In my opinion, one of the most underrated players in MLS 2014 was Benny Feilhaber. When people think of Feilhaber, they think of the playmaker, the classic No. 10, the fact that his career maybe hasn’t reached the heights that it “should’ve,” given his ability to do this.

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But, I’ll tell you this: Benny Feilhaber, circa 2014, was a version of the most technically-gifted American player that I never thought I’d see — fit like a marathon-sprinter, industrious, box-to-box midfielder making his impact felt on every blade of grass. He was easily Sporting Kansas City’s best player last year (all due respect to Dom Dwyer and his 22 goals), but few people noticed his contributions in a less glamorous role, a la Caldwell. With proper help in the midfield once again, Feilhaber should be in for a(nother) monster year.

He’s also still capable of doing things like this, which he did in preseason.

Who’s that underrated guy on your team, or any other team in MLS, that you appreciate every time you watch him play, but feel like no one else ever does?