Julian Green ripped by German publication after Hamburg U-23 match


German publication Kicker has had enough of Julian Green.

The 19-year-old Floridian, on loan at Hamburg from Bayern Munich, had seen limited playing time under new manager Josef Zinnbauer and was sent to second-tier club 1860 Munich, but Green refused. So he was instead sent to Hamburg’s youth side. But Green isn’t making many friends there either.

Following a 3-1 loss to St. Pauli’s youth team, Kicker wrote a story on the struggles of the side (which has lost six consecutive games) and mentioned Green. It wasn’t good.

“Julian Green made anything but a good impression,” Kicker wrote. “The 19-year-old played only back-passes and coasted at a jogging pace the entire match.” They wrote that his play left the team “outnumbered.”

Yikes. While it’s understandable that Green – an employee of Bayern Munich on loan at another top-flight club – may have little to no motivation to play for Hamburg’s youth team, it would follow that he might want to make a good impression to work his way back up. Instead, it seems like Green is seriously struggling not just on the field but in his head as well.

Green’s time at Hamburg can’t come to an end soon enough. As a report in ESPN from last week details, Green has tried numerous times to discuss his place in the first team with the Hamburg front office, but instead all they’ve done is ask him to sign a disciplinary letter for refusing an assignment. Ther’es still plenty of hope for a kid who is only 19 years old and in a bad situation, but come the summer, he should seriously reassess his priorities and look for the best possible environment to further his development.