John Terry says Chelsea swarmed referee because PSG did it first


If Chelsea’s players are “babies” for swarming referee Bjorn Kuipers during Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League tie at Stamford Bridge, then they were just buckling to Paris Saint-Germain’s peer pressure.

Blues captain John Terry said he had choice but to lobby Kuipers to give Zlatan Ibrahimovic a red card after Wednesday’s collision with Chelsea teammate Oscar.

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Terry said no team is any worse or better than any other when it comes to arguing with the referee.

From the BBC:

“Once they’re charging the ref, the only thing we can do is respond,” said the former England defender, 34.

“You can’t let them surround the ref, trying to get our players booked.

“If I have to run 20, 30 yards, it doesn’t look great, but when you’re standing back and seeing five or six of their players surrounding the ref, I think I support my team-mates. And once I go, four or five go with me.

“It doesn’t look good at all, but that’s part of the game. We’ll match it if people want to mix it. That’s part of our game as well.”

As the kids say, I’m just going to leave this here for you folks to discuss. Perhaps I’m too jaded on last night’s spectacle to comment with an open mind.