Premier League will hold onto four UCL slots despite tough times in Europe


Italy may be having an incredible run in the UEFA Europa League, but their success won’t be enough to chase down Germany, England or Spain in the race for four UEFA Champions League slots.

Chelsea was dismissed by Paris Saint-Germain and both Manchester City and Arsenal are in tough spots before next week’s final second legs of the UCL Round of 16.

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Italy has five teams left in the Europa League, including two powers — Fiorentina and Roma — playing each other in the Round of 16 later Thursday.

From the BBC:

While the four spots are safe for the short term, as English clubs toil in Europe, those from Italy – who currently only have three Champions League places – are enjoying significant success in Uefa competition this season and are poised make some inroads into the gap between them and England.

Good news for England, and Germany, too. Spain’s still in strong, strong footing regardless.