Video emerges of Rooney knocked out in playful boxing match


This can’t end well.

The Sun on Sunday has obtained footage of Wayne Rooney appearing to be knocked unconscious in a playful boxing match with former Manchester United teammate Phil Bardsley.

Dressed jeans, socks, and pink and white boxing gloves, the two appear to be enjoying a seemingly harmless and silly game in someone’s kitchen when Rooney, under a jab from his opponent, loses his footing and slips on a tile floor, slamming his head on a kitchen counter and leaving the United attackman motionless on the floor before the video ends as his friends realize what happened.

You can watch the video here.

According to the Sun, the video is from late February, when it says Rooney’s wife and children were away on vacation.

Both Manchester United and Wayne Rooney certainly don’t need the added hot water in what already has proven to be a tumultuous season. The 29-year-old has carried the Red Devils offense for much of the year, but debate over his usage under manager Louis van Gaal has raged along with it.

Now, there will be plenty of debate given Rooney hasn’t missed any time since the incident occurred, despite being somewhat clearly knocked out and potentially suffering a concussion. Could Manchester United be playing with fire with Rooney’s health?

According to the story, both Manchester United and Wayne Rooney declined to comment on the situation.

Rooney is known to be an avid boxing fan. He has carried Ricky Hatton’s title belts into the ring for matches in the past, and he personally called boxer Anthony Corolla after he was left with a broken skull attempting to confront burglars.