WATCH: Mourinho happy with Southampton draw


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has declared he is satisfied with Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Southampton. He put it as matter of factly as one can, and we would expect no less from Mr. Mourinho.

“Yesterday we had five points more than the second [placed team], and now we have six points more than the second [placed team] and one less match to play, which makes our situation after the game better than before the game, so the result is positive not negative.”

Alright then, Jose. Nothing to see here.

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He praised himself – and rightly so – for the substitution he made early in the second half. He took off Nemanja Matic who was on a yellow card and appeared tentative as a result. Chelsea struggled with Matic on a suspension earlier in the year, and so Mourinho brought on Ramires instead to minimize the risk of another sending off. It worked tactically as well.

“I think Ramires changed the game completely,” Mourinho said, “because he stopped completely their counter-attack, [Saido] Mane disappeared, and we recovered lots of balls in early moments and created lots of chances to deserve to win the game.”

The interview ended with a hilarious moment with Mourinho extending his time on camera to ask the reporter Geoff Shreeves his opinion on the penalty. Shreeves said, “penalty” (which it was) before turning the question back on the Chelsea manager. But he was unwilling to add his opinion, and left Shreeves completely hanging, left only to laugh at the moment. Never change Jose. Never change.