Arsene Wenger implies that Arsenal took Monaco too lightly, but how?!?


If Arsene Wenger’s doubters are looking to believe in him, there isn’t much the manager said after Arsenal was ousted by Monaco in the UEFA Champions League to help their quest.

The legendary coach showed that Aaron Ramsey’s disappointment at losing to Monaco — not just losing — was a top-down disorder.

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In the Round of 16 of the world’s best club competition, it seems Arsenal counted their chickens before their hatched in the first leg, and couldn’t come back to find the quarterfinals for the first time in five seasons.


“It is difficult to compare the years, because the season before, we played against Barcelona and Munich. We are very disappointed to have gone out tonight, but overall we are on a positive trend. This game was online with what we did recently.”

“If you take a look at the shots on target in the two games, they were well rewarded, and were very clinical. We are disappointed because out of the competition, but we wish them the best of luck. They really surprised us in the first leg when we were too sure of ourselves on the night.”

It’s amazing that any club, even one as celebrated as Arsenal, could assume their place in the next round was booked before it started, but the Gunners appear to have done just that. And maybe something about that mentality crept into Tuesday’s near comeback not seeing completion.