Andres Iniesta: Barca will make Manchester City “suffer”


Barcelona is in the driver’s seat, but don’t expect the Catalans to take their foot off the pedal against Manchester City today.

After defeating City 2-1 in the first leg at the Etihad, Barca is in prime position to advance to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

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Now they must hold off Manuel Pellegrini’s men who are fighting for survival, likely to throw everything they have at Barcelona.

Andres Iniesta knows how to win, as the Spanish midfielder is one of the most decorated players in Barcelona history. With all of the wild results coming in from the other Champions League matchups, Iniesta knows how important it is to stick to manager Luis Enrique’s game plan.

We will have to go out there and play in a very comprehensive manner.

We need to have lots of possession so they suffer, so they are chasing the ball, we need to have a lot of skills and about minimizing their potential. We have to control what is going on at every different moment – this is what we have to do.

They’re very dangerous because of their players – in just one minute they can turn the result upside down so at all levels we need to concentrate, 200%. This is what we are going to do – we’re not going to make mistake of thinking the first result of 2-1 means there are going to be guarantees. We need to make them run.”

Manchester City needs to score at least two goals to even have a shot at advancing to the quarterfinals, and trying to contain the Barcelona attack at Nou Camp is quite the tall order.

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Lionel Messi had a stoppage-time penalty saved in the first match, allowing City to enter the second leg down 2-1 on aggregate, rather than 3-1 and having to score three away from home. If the Catalans can’t make the Citizens suffer with their possession and the visitors find themselves on the scoresheet, Messi’s miss could come back to haunt Barcelona.