UEFA charges Barcelona over ‘illicit banner’, Dynamo Kiev for racist behavior

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UEFA has charged to two European squads based on fan behavior during Champions League and Europa League matches.

Barcelona was charged for a fan’s ‘illicit banner’ in the La Liga squad’s win over Manchester City. UEFA’s administrative body noted that its disciplinary panel will review the issue in two months but has not¬†released any further details

The Associated Press reported that this long wait suggests the incident is not very serious, considering UEFA usually resolves pressing issues as soon as possible to employ any penalties for the accused team’s next home game.

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Meanwhile, we know exactly why Dynamo Kiev was charged in their win against Everton–racist intent from fans–and it’s a problem that has been witnessed across Europe.

The AP revealed that unlike the episode with Barca supporters, UEFA’s disciplinary panel will be more prompt and assess the situation next Thursday, and sanctions will “likely apply” in the first leg of the Europa League quarterfinals vs. Fiorentina.

Supporters of the Ukrainian club stormed the field and threw fireworks during a match against Guingamp in February and were thus given disciplinary action for crowd disorder. UEFA typically increases punishment when multiple offenses occur within a finite time period.