WATCH: Foxes’ Pearson tears into referee Dean after loss to Spurs: “One of the most arrogant men I’ve ever met”


Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson was fuming after referee Mike Dean awarded a controversial penalty to Tottenham after his last-place Foxes has rallied from a 2-0 deficit to draw level on Saturday.

Jamie Vardy and Wes Morgan scored to offset Harry Kane’s first-half brace before Dean signaled to the spot well after a collision between David Nugent and Danny Rose came together in the Foxes’ box.

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After calling it a “dubious” decision, Pearson was asked if he’ll speak to Dean. That’s where the fireworks really started to explode.

“What’s the point? What is the point in talking to him? He’s one of the most arrogant men I’ve ever met. There we are. I’ll concentrate on what I can affect and that’s my players. I’ll try and keep my words carefully chosen this week and hopefully your microphone will be out of the way when I choose to say something different but it is a frustrating afternoon because we’ve had to deal with a number of setbacks today and players have shown not just spirit but a lot of game understanding.”

See it above. Pearson came close to leading Leicester to another point — they have two draws from three — as the Foxes look to scrap their way to safety. Instead they fell 4-3 and remain 7 points back of 17th place.