“Man City’s players think they’re getting Ronaldo this summer” is your weekly CR7 transfer gossip


Now for your daily dose of Cristiano Ronaldo transfer gossip.

European soccer writer Graham Hunter claims that Manchester City players expect their club to successfully land the Portuguese superstar in a massive money deal.

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There are so many screwy things about the idea, from Ronaldo choosing his former club’s “noisy neighbors” to Real Madrid selling (we’ve gone over this one ad nauseum.)

I think it’s smart, but don’t think they’d dare sell CR7).

Anyway, to Hunter via SkySports:

“I know that the players at Manchester City were talking very, very firmly that they believed there was a successful move coming from that club over the last couple of weeks,” said Hunter.

“Whether that makes it true or not, I wouldn’t like to say.

“What we know is the mega clubs, with petrodollars, there’s never been a better time to say: ‘Well, would you like to cash in on your chips?'”

I find it less likely to believe Ronaldo would agree to join City than leave Real Madrid, but the Spanish giants have a wealth of young talent and could reinvest the money quickly and efficiently.