Perry Kitchen not suspended for apparent stamp at Red Bull Arena


Major League Soccer’s disciplinary committee has shocked much of the American soccer community when it decided not to suspend Perry Kitchen for what looked like a clearly intentional stamp this weekend.

On the fringes of Chris Pontius’s late penalty miss, video seemed to conclusively catch the D.C. United midfielder leaving RBNY defender Chris Duvall in a heap on the edge of the area just as Pontius was sending the ball wide.

It seemed like a foregone conclusion that, although the referee did not discipline Kitchen likely because he did not see it, but the disciplinary committee had plenty to go off, including this video, which pretty decisively shows Kitchen not only stamping on Duvall’s foot, but simultaneously grabbing the defender’s shoulder and tossing him over the outstretched foot.

Despite the damning evidence, according to multiple reports Kitchen will get off without a suspension.

This not only shocked much of the MLS media comunity, but also seemed to make some Red Bull players upset, including their captain:

Seems to be a rather large miss by Major League Soccer on this one, by all accounts.