Post-cancer, inspiring Jonas vows to keep his place at Newcastle


In a wide-ranging interview, Newcastle United’s Jonas Gutierrez doubled down on his earlier comments that he’ll never forgive former manager Alan Pardew for telling him to find a new club despite the coach knowing his fight with cancer, but also shared plenty of positive and inspiring thoughts.

Well-liked at Newcastle, Jonas was forced to pursue a loan deal at Norwich City last season before ultimately returning to the pitch for the Magpies, where he received a strong ovation from the St. James Park faithful.

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Though you can tell from the interview that he remains stung, Jonas wants to fight on for his place at Newcastle. And despite running a marathon while undergoing chemotherapy, he shot down the idea that he’s a role model.

From The Chronicle:

“I know the situation here (at Newcastle) isn’t the easiest but I’m going to fight to remain here. Time will tell, what I can do and it’s in my control is to leave everything, to give the best of me and see how far I can get.

“Without doubt one, after a problem like I had, sees things from a different perspective and the order of priorities changes.

“But it’s also difficult to get other people to understand because for everyone their own troubles are more important, aren’t they?

“I think the most important thing is health. Health and happiness.

“Sometimes we get into a lot of trouble for things that really aren’t significant.”

Jonas is a major inspiration, and one of the good stories in our sport. Here’s hoping his cancer stays away.