Luis Suarez says if he comes back to England, it would only be with Liverpool


Luis Suarez made a low-scale return to Anfield during Steven Gerrard’s charity match where his Team Gerrard drew Team Carragher 2-2.

Suarez was tracked down by the English media after the match, with whom he has a rocky relationship. The Uruguayan often blames the English media for driving him out of the Premier League, and has lashed out at them for setting him up to fail.

However, the 28-year-old today was amicable after a match for a good cause, and his good mood allowed him to open up a bit.

Asked how he felt returning to Anfield to play, Suarez said, “It’s unbelievable, it’s amazing for me, for the other players who play with the Liverpool shirt know how important it is, it’s part of us. Right now they know they are in my heart.”

After a few more softball questions, Suarez was asked if he would ever consider a return to not only England but to Liverpool as well. He gave a somewhat surprising answer in his broken English. “If I in the future…you never know, but if I play in England again I play with a Liverpool shirt on, not another shirt,” Suarez confirmed.

It could be as simple as Suarez appeasing the media during his short trip to England, but there could be some truth to his words. The striker may have worn out his welcome in the Premier League, but there’s no doubting after multiple interviews since his departure that Suarez loves Liverpool.