British exec says England could look towards 2030 World Cup bid

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England has gone on a boycott of sorts recently, with FA chairman Greg Dyke stating outright that England will not bid for a World Cup while Sepp Blatter is in charge of FIFA. They also remained critical of the voting process which was recently changed.

So, down the road, could England return to bidding for World Cups? New FIFA vice-president David Gill says yes, and even slapped a potential year on it as well.

Gill, a former Manchester United executive who will begin his FIFA vice-presidential tenure in two months, said England was exploring a potential 2030 World Cup bid, which would likely take place sometime around 2020 or 2021. With the 2026 bid taking place next calendar year, the next voting cycle would give FIFA enough time to turn over its sour relationship with England and start fresh, most notably without Blatter at the helm.

“We should see how that [upcoming] process goes,” Gill told British media. “[The next bid] will be in 2017 and, yes, if the process is fair and appropriate, then we should think about a [2030] bid. It takes a lot of work – Government, local authorities, the FA, clubs – and we know from past experience that we need to be sure what we are getting into.”

England last hosted a World Cup in 1966 and has been salivating for another for years. They were in the mix for the 1990 and 1998 World Cups as well as finalists for the 2006 vote, but with Blatter in charge the FA has resisted all temptations to enter a bid in the last nine years.

“But the change to the voting is one way that FIFA appears to be improving its governance,” Gill said. “If we can have confidence in the new system, we all know it is almost 50 years since England hosted the World Cup.”