42-year-old goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni continues his record goalscoring tally with 126


There’s goalkeepers, and then there’s Rogerio Ceni.

The world’s highest scoring goalkeeper is still churning out goals at 42 years young, and the most recent came this weekend – his 126th career goal.

Playing for Sao Paulo since 1993, Ceni has made 1202 appearances for the Brazilian giants, and he flat out continues to produce. He has picked up huge milestones in the past three years, most notably owning the records for most appearances with one club, most wins with one club, and most goals scored by a goalkeeper.

Speaking of goals, here’s the one he scored yesterday in the 52nd minute to open the scoring of a 3-0 win over Luninese. Yep, this goal happened less than 24 hours ago and those feet are 42 years old. Trust me, it’s true.


Nearly every one of his career goals have come on set-pieces, with over 60 penalty goals and over 60 free-kick scores. A set-piece master with a free-kick goal and a clean sheet at 42 years old. Simply amazing.